Aquabion Saltless Water SoftenerA revolutionary defence against limescale using advanced German engineering

Aquabion is a alternative to the traditional salt based water softener, an Aquabion can be plumbed directly into your incoming water supply in as little as 30 minutes & is completely maintenance free.

Over £3B/year is lost to limescale in the UK alone.

With a Aquabion water conditioner, you no longer need to waste precious kitchen storage space on a water softener. The entire unit is self-contained – no softening salts required!

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99% of users would recommend it.

“I now dont have to clean the taps, shower screen and or buy salt” – Neil Leverton – Redbourn, UK


Why Aquabion™?

A few of the many benefits to installing an Aquabion over a traditional water softener:

  • No storage needed
  • Noticeable Limescale reduction in just 7 days
  • 1-year 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • 7-year lifespan
  • 5-year replacement guarantee
  • Water remains totally drinkable (including babies)
  • Protects all boilers and appliances

Aquabion water conditioners have been installed in organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, McDonalds and large housing organisations.


Who can install a Aquabion Water Conditioner?

There are many installers in the area who would be able to install your new Aquabion. Installation is very quick and simple. If you require a installer please get in touch and we will recommend some in the area.

At Ahmco we have the Aquabion in stock. Call us today or get in touch to order!Aquabion customer satisfaction guarantee