Aquatiere Pureau 2 Water Softener

Aquatiere Pureau 2 Saltless Water Softener & Drinking Water Filter

Aquatiere Pureau 2 Water Softener

Aquatiere Pureau 2 Water Softener

Pureau 2 by Aquatiere is a saltless water softener & drinking water filter. Where salt based water softeners only offer water softening & scale inhibition, the Pureau 2 also has a filtration unit. Hard mineral reduced water can be distributed throughout your home. The Pureau 2 is especially suited for people with eczema who require quality chemical free water.

Aquatiere Pureau 2 produces water that is:

  • Bacteria heavy metal & chemical free
  • Softened & scale reduced
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for eczema & psoriasis sufferers

Pureau 2 product features:

  • Non electric
  • No drainage required
  • Suitable for 2 bathroom homes
  • Includes 1 year supply of Ion-Exchange re-fill packs.
  • Softening cartridge/refill is easily changed on a 3 month basis.
  • The other cartridges are changed every 12 and 36 months respectively.
  • Supplied with fittings for 22mm pipe work.
  • Complete with mounting bracket and housing spanners.
  • Easy to fit and maintain
  • Installation guide included
  • 40 ltrs/min flow rate
  • Size: 575mm (W) x 470mm (H) x 210mm (Dia) (Allow 60mm depth for cartridge removal)
Aquatiere Pureau 2 Saltless Water Softener

Aquatiere Pureau 2 Saltless Water Softener

1st Filter , 12 month life ( Filtration stages 1 & 2) With a Highly efficient high flow, combined carbon fibre and hard carbon outer shell, this filter stops sediment ingress (stage1), removes chlorine, Pesticides, organic contaminants, heavy metals, VOC’s and greatly improves taste (stage 2).  The filter is washable over its 12 month lifetime to ensure optimum flow and performance.

2nd Filter, 3- year life (Filtration stages 3 & 4) Contains Ceramet, Aquatiere’s patented blend of active ceramic granules and scale prevention media. Ceramet media is 99% effective at stopping the formation of hard scale in pipework an equipment by forming tiny bubbles of pre formed scale and will even descale existing water systems over time (stage3) .  The unique media kills bacteria such as E coli, Salmonella and staphylococcus aureus (which is known to aggravate eczema), removes fluoride and trace heavy metals.  In addition the balances the pH of the water and produces far infrared energy to vitalize your body (stage4). Cartridge lifespan 3 years.

3rd Filter,average 3 month life (Filtration stage 5) Contains premium, high capacity ion exchange resins which remove up to 90% of the calcium and magnesium bubbles left in the water to ensure spotting of chrome and other fixtures is reduced whilst retaining enough essential minerals in the water to ensure its great taste and quality for drinking. Cartridge lifespan 3 months.

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