Panel Radiators

If you are looking for panel radiators for your home then we can help. Being authorised dealers of a number of panel radiator brands means we are able to offer a fast turnaround once you place an order. Panel radiators are available in many different sizes to suit all the different types of spaces found around your home. With a choice of single panel, double panel & double panel single convector radiators you will always find the perfect radiator for the heat output you require.

Different types of panel radiators:

Conventional Panel Radiators

Conventional Panel Radiator


Flat Panel Radiators

Flat Panel Radiator


Premium Flat Panel Radiators

Premium Flat Panel Radiator


Help with choosing panel radiators:

When buying radiators start by measuring your room size and then calculate the btu required for that room. There are many online btu calculators available which will work out the output required. Once you have the btu output required choose the style of radiator that you like. Next get in touch with us and we can let you know the sizes available for the heat output you require.


Some more information on panel radiators:

Panel radiators are supplied in a white finish but there is also an option to have them painted in a colour of your choice. The colour choices are endless so why not have your radiators make a statement in your home.

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